Sustainable Home Shopping Tips


I personally feel that my home is my sanctuary and therefore I cannot enlighten more with 2019 interiors trend calling for sustainable pieces. Applying the use of renewable and reusable materials like jute, rice paper and clay can bring the most beautiful, unique items into any part of your home. Several scientific studies have recently revealed that bringing natural materials into our homes has psychological and physical benefits from deepening our connection to nature to improving sleep quality and potentially reducing stress levels.
I want to share with you some tips where you can carry away while browsing for your new items for your kitchen, bathroom and living room. And that all with being kind to our planet.

Do you also love to shop for your home? Well, let’s do it with these sustainable home shopping tips next time. - as Jeska & Dean Hearne, creators of this meaningful webpage, claiming themselves, their primary goal with The Future Kept is to inspire more people to think carefully about the items they have in their lives. is the virtual space where they put together a collection of beautifully designed handmade products from honest origins all with a story to tell. You can find here consciously crafted, responsibly sourced, sustainable and ethical products for your home, and living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Moreover, they are part of 1% for the Planet global movement with commitment to give 1% of all sales directly to environmental non profit groups focusing on protection, preservation and restoration of our planet. This means, every time you purchase from them, 1% of the total value of your order goes directly to help an environmental cause. - online boutique running by two friends offering the things that are beautiful, cruelty free and kind. Girls really do care about the quality, design but also about the story of each product they select and make part of the collection. It is ethical, sustainable, charitable and vegan. I already made my wish list :) - wanna eliminate your footprint while fruit and veg shopping? Frusack is an amazing solution that will not make you reach for that plastic little bag while grabbing carrots for your soup. Their bags are compostable, reusable, washable, light, transparent and with really nice design. Check them out ;)

Kinder Prints - my friend Ida is making the most amazing illustrations you just want to have on your wall. Her beautiful idea of creating something that is kinder for the planet but also for the buyer, is carried through the recycled paper she picks up herself riding the bicycle to the packing that is also environmentally friendly and 100% plastic free. The designs are just the cutest and by the way she is also the creator of my logo. How lucky I happen to be! - represent the variety of natural cosmetic with high quality for your skin and body. They are 100% vegan, using herbal extracts, Aloe vera, plant proteins and coconut milk to pamper you to the fullest. Their soaps and mesh bags are my favourite.

Final thoughts…

Please try to always share what inspires you with others, your friends, family, even strangers. Make note for yourself of the what you learnt or what sounds like something you can start implementing into your life. It might eventually turn into a great new valuable habit.