Save the planet guide


I would like to start with the favourite quote of mine:

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

I very much like the idea of this African proverb, because it makes me to look at things from different perspective. Yes, we should treat the environment we live in, our rivers, parks, forests, oceans, streets with vision into future so our children and grandchildren can see how beautiful the planet Earth is. I brought some humble ideas, let’s dive in ;)

Let’s all of us contribute to saving our planet, cause we owe it to it.

  • Why not to show off with your pretty tote bag ;). With that you can prevent hundreds of plastic bags from entering our precious oceans.

  • Investing into reusable straws pays off. If we continue using plastic, prognosis shows that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. Stand your opinion and refuse one while offered in restaurant, maybe you will inspire someone next to you and make them think.

  • Farmer’s markets are just great place to connect better with your food, but not only that. You will be supporting your local economy, sustainability and helping reduce waste, such as fuel and packing needed to ship food from the other half of our planet.

  • Unplug appliances when they are not in use. No need to keep them on when you are not even using them (or if you are away on the trip for two weeks ;)

  • Hands up who is subscribing Netflix…I knew that! Now you can invest time and watch any of their environmental documentaries. And call some friends to spread the message even further.

  • Do you know that you have low power mode on your phone? To be fair, I did not know there is such an option until not long time ago. When your phone is on low power mode, the battery will last longer and you will not need to charge it as often. How great is that!?

  • Local honey it is. By buying local honey instead of from far away, you are supporting local beekeeping which supports bee populations! Purchasing local also helps the transportation costs down.

  • Bring your own pillow when traveling. Most of the time when we ask for one, flight attendant hands out one wrapped in plastic that is not very planet friendly (especially when we consider how many people may ask for one daily). Simply bring your own, reducing your plastic use even when you are thousands miles in the sky :)

  • Check expiration days on your food items. That is nothing easier than overbuy these days. Try to plan your meals around when items will expire so you don’t end up buying food that will finish in the trash.

  • Don’t go to the grocery store hungry. This is key to prevent food waste. Ending up picking up food while being hungry will make your food sit in the freezer for months or turning bad and go to waste.

  • If you buying items like berries, tomatoes in little plastic containers on the farmer’s market, remember to return them next time you go ;). This way, they will be reused and not end up in the trashcan. Or even better, bring your own containers at the first place :)

Final thoughts…

Remember, each of us counts even with the smallest actions. It is not about now doing everything, rather being aware that there are ways how to be more kinder towards our planet. I am not perfect either. I do confess that I make a nice bath while visiting my parents every now and then, but then I am really trying to do little by little on everyday basis to make a difference. We are in this all together, let’s support each other :)

Do you have any ideas how we can all contribute? Please share.