How to slow down over your weekend


Rushing through the week into the weekend, rushing through the weekend into the new week. And even though we all know how important it is to take a time-out, slow down and rest our body and mind. I feel like these nurturing ideas over a well-deserved day off or relaxing weekend can become nice rituals to bring you more presence and reconnect with yourself.

It is important to slow down over your weekend and I am offering you few tips how to make it special.

Welcome the morning
Make your bed, fold the sheets. Open the curtains and let the fresh air come in by opening your window. Feel that morning breeze. Deep breath and stretch your freshly waken body.

Tea time
There is nothing better than a cup of hot tea after being by the window for some while. Make it a session, sit down, take time for yourself. Give your body some liquid to star up your digestion and the whole system.

Take yourself for a walk
Leave your phone at home. Take just yourself. Get the most out of the surrounding by bringing your presence and full attention to all you experience. Honour the sights, sounds and smells along the way. There is nothing better than getting some natural sunlight after waking up that will bring you good night sleep at the end of the day.

Visit the local market or shop
Let’s pick up some fresh veg of the season, eggs and few oranges for breakfast. Back home you can make some deserved juice.

Eat well
Make your first meal of a day delicious and nutritious. Hot porridge by adding your favourite seasonal toppings can be a great idea.

Bake bread for lunch
A simple loaf of bread takes not too much time to prepare. Enjoy that session with an open mind. Be patient with yourself if you are a freshman in baking. The satisfaction after whole preparation while watching it in the oven baking will lift your heart.

Stretch and relax
Stretch your body through some simple moves or from your yoga practice. Or just keep lying and resting in whatever pose you feel comfortable. Lying on the floor or your carpet brings grounding. Find a spot in your room where the sun gets in, enjoy the warmth of sunlight on your skin and relax.

Make yourself lunch
…with the bread you made. Cut a slice and dip into your soup made with seasonal veggies or pile it with some butter and spread something delicious on the top. Sweet or savoury, the choice is yours :)

Start small crafting project
…maybe inspired by your morning walk. Reflect what colours, textures, shapes did stick to your mind while wandering in nature. Something for sure might inspire you to create.

Have fika
Swedish-style coffee and cake breaks are truly a time to pause, reflect, recharge and deepen your connections. Fika is an opportunity to stop. To slow down. To take a real break. When if not during your relaxing weekend.

Create your own flavoured oil
…options are endless. Lemon, herb, chilli, lavender, dill. Simmer olive oil with quantity of flavouring and bottle in a sterile jar. Then you have something special to offer when your guests coming over.

Prepare dinner
A tasty light supper or just your favourite dish using your freshly-made cooking oil ;)

Undust that board game
…best to do with your friends or family. It might gently stretch your brain and give you something to talk, laugh and bond over :) And at the end what is better than the quality time with your loved ones…?

Light candles while hygge
Another Scandinavian philosophy to honour. Danish hygge is just something you can never get enough. Fill your home with soft, gentle light and shadows cast by flickering flames. Bring some hot cacao, blanket and book of yours. Or journal and reflect on how your day was and how it made you feel.

Wish you a wonderful weekend.

With love,