How to embrace imperfection


That feeling of being perfect. Giving so much satisfaction, motivation and feelings of being special. And even though many perfectionist are wearing this badge with pride, the truth is that there is no such thing as ‘perfect’ and this never ending demand on perfection can actually spoil the whole progress and process towards achievement.

What’s wrong?
Having high standards is important but usually us perfectionist tend to pile pressure on ourselves, combining extremely high personal and professional touchstones with excessively over-critical self-evaluation towards the vision of becoming the best. Rather than providing with some motivation, this pressure usually leaves me feeling stressed and make me less productive. Procrastination, fear, making more mistakes and even feeling burned out before a proper start is very common scenario. From my own experience, regardless of how much I achieved, there was always hard for me to actually see the improvements, thinking how could that or that be done better, feeling unsatisfied and putting myself down. This self-destructive and addictive belief system is usually coming from something deeper, either from our previous experiences as a child when we might be driven by fear of never being enough that time. And even though we are not responsible what happened to us when we were kids, as adults we have the power to fix it. Let’s do that :)

Healthy Attitude
Flawed flawlessness. Or being a healthy striver who also likes to aim sky high but will rather set themselves reasonable and realistic goals to work towards. Enjoying the journey along the way, taking time to learn and grow towards excellence (not perfection), taking notes while getting constructive feedback, working hard but in balance, welcoming all the obstacles with open mind, honouring the whole process and ultimately becoming their best selves. That sounds much more appealing to me, what do you think? Let me tell you this: YOU DON'T NEED TO BE PERFECT TO BE AMAZING. YOU ARE AMAZING ALREADY. You just have to be you. Your uniqueness, little flaws, those so-called imperfections make you lovable, kind, captivating, even believe it or not, even perfect in someone’s eyes. Let’s strive for being perfectly imperfect and being completely accepting that and feeling happy in our own skin.

Put into practice
Let’s leave this ultra-desirable, yet ultra-unattainable strive and rather work on adopting balanced perspective on what matters most. Here are some tips to help embrace imperfection.

1. Savvy consumer of social media - remember that what people on social platform is not always the whole story. Therefore when you are scrolling online, do it mindfully, bearing that in mind. Be aware of unrealistic standards that social media often portray. Social comparison is a thief of joy, sadly to say.

2. Be positive - if that Mrs. Perfect pictures as still coming, accompanied with negative self talk, try to silent those voices by thinking positive. Soften your approach towards yourself, develop a kind self talk, treat yourself like your best friend. Kindness and compassion, start naming the things you admire of yourself while looking at yourself in the mirror. You are doing just great.

3. Give yourself credit - yes, yes, there is always something bigger to achieve, but that doesn’t need to take away from what you have achieved today. Reaching milestones are time for celebration. Reflect and appreciate your accomplishments. Be proud of yourself and don’t compare it to anyone else. You are on your own journey and you don’t need approval for your achievement coming from other people.

Final thought…

A person who never made a mistake tried anything new.