DYI Skincare


What makes us girls happier than taking care of our skin and see visible results? And what is better than make some sustainable skincare swaps by yourself as part of your self care, quality time with your bestie, plus with added value of caring about our planet. Win-win-win ;) I would like to share with you an easy recipe on everyday skin balm you can easily make yourself.

What is better than your own made skincare goods? DYI recipes are so easy to follow. Try this one.

We need:

* 1 tbsp of beeswax (or vegan alternative)
* 25ml carrier oil (almond or coconut)
* 6 drops of essential oil (of your choice and preference)


1. Water into pan and bring to boil
2. Combine carrier oil and beeswax in metal bowl and melt over the steam (keeping low heat)
3. Once melted, add essential oil and pour into clean 60ml container
4. Let the balm calm and harden, then add a lid and store in a cool, dry, place.

Final thoughts…

You will feel wonderful when using it every morning. It can be a great present for your mom, sister, aunt, niece, your best friend for Christmas as well. If you would like more tips and inspiration, Acala might be your new friend - they sell natural, eco-friendly products, whole bunch of tricky-to-source ingredients that are often used in DIY recipes. In addition, they’ve recently released ebook including simple how-tos for beauty care :)