6 zero waste tips for your bathroom


Are you also tired that all your bathroom agenda such as cotton buds, shampoo, deodorant, body care and the list can just go on often come in plastic packaging as well as large volume of waste? With this six simple approaches you can decrease waste generated by your bathroom routine. Start slow, with the one you consider the most fun. As time goes you can eventually replace all your products with environmentally-friendly alternatives and feel great contributing to saving our beautiful planet.

These are amazing tips for 6zero waste ways applying in your bathroom.
  1. Go for reusable cotton pads

    Using two or more cotton pads every day while removing your make-up? If you simply change to reusable ones that can be washed and used again and again, you save the environment from all that is connected to production and packaging of those one-off versions.
    Tip: You can make your own pads at home, using organic cotton yarn and crochet or knit small round circles, which you overlock at the edges. Remember to put them in washing bag when you wash them, they tend to get lost from time to time ;).

  2. Try Shampoo bar

    When giving a chance to shampoo bar instead of buying regular shampoo, you can avoid lots of plastic packaging the regular shampoos come in. And honestly, there is lot of shampoo bottles to be saved over a lifetime of one being.

  3. Swap for Menstruation Cup

    Investing into your menstruation cup helps both the environment and your wallet because you no longer have to buy pads and tampons every month. Moreover, regular pads and tampons may contain problematic chemicals such as bleach, chlorine, perfume or even glue, ew! Just switching to an allergy-friendly menstruation cup makes you avoid all those unnecessary additives. And it’s soooo comfortable. You literally do not feel anything while having it inside :)
    Tip: I can highly recommend OrganiCup that changed my life in terms of period. Comfortable, reusable, organic, such a good way how to honouring your monthly woman cycle :) https://www.organicup.com/

  4. Bamboo Toothbrush

    Conventional toothbrushes are the next item where we can cut off on using plastic in our bathroom. A bamboo toothbrush can be composted, looks nice in the bathroom and it might inspire your guests to choose bamboo version the next time they need to purchase new one too.

  5. Safety razor it is

    There was an articled I read recently titled: '‘Are plastic razors the next plastic straws?'‘ The answer is resounding YES! Therefore go for sustainable alternative. Conventional razors are made of plastic as are new blades. A safety razor can be reused once you are finished with it.

  6. Make your own body products

    Making your own body products will never doubt you what ingredients they contain and what you are putting on your body. You can store your home-made products in a glass and thus avoid plastic packaging. Use the flavours you want, make it a nice ritual with your mum, sister or bestie.


Final thoughts…

There are a lot of options we can be conscious about when it comes to saving our planet. It is not the most important to do everything at once, getting overwhelmed by that, rather taking small actions on a consistent basis. That is already enough.