20 questions (that promise to make you better person)


Not long time ago I happened to read an article on topic ‘20 question that promise to make you better person’ from Brianna Wiest. Already the title caught my attention, and because I love this kind of deep reflection moments spent just by myself diving into my inner self, I had to take advantage of being home alone and let myself go for that adventure. I am bringing the questions to you in case you would like to give it a try and feed your curiosity. They should be taken seriously, dedicate decent time to them. I am sure you will find out something new about yourself. I surely did. Again.

Those are the best 20 question that make you better person.

1. What, or who, is worth suffering for?

2. What can my most aggressive judgments of others tell me about myself?

3. Are my opinions of others fixed, or do they evolve? Is that fair?

4. If I could meet the best possible version of myself in an alternate reality, what would that person be like?

5. Do I more often verbalize what I believe, or what I know others will agree with?

6. If I were to die next week, what would be the resounding sentiment shared at my funeral?

7. If I could create anything I wanted in life – be it wealth, romance, or success – but could never use social media again to show it to anyone, how would I choose to live?

8. Does my daily routine reflect my long-term goals?

9. What do the things I envy in others tell me about what I really want to give myself?

10. If I could wake up tomorrow 5 years in the past – knowing all that I do now – what would I do differently?

11. What do I do to avoid discomfort?

12. What are a few painful experiences I swore I’d never get past? How did I?

13. What would it take to release my anger? With whom do I need to make amends?

14. What did the people who hurt me most in life ultimately teach me?

15. Do I embody the qualities of the person that I always dreamed of marrying?

16. At the end of my life when I look back on all I have done, what will stand out as having been important? What would I wish I had cared less about?

17. What is the most common way I self-sabotage? What does it tell me about my unmet needs?

18. If I had to leave the country and could only bring one box, what would I put in it?

19. What anonymous acts of kindness could I integrate into my daily life?

20. What would it take to become the hero I’ve spent my life waiting for?

Final thoughts…

I hope you enjoyed reading through. It is amazing to me how powerful questions can be, how much they can bring up to the surface, the stuff that has been lying deep deep inside just needed to be encouraged to wake up. Happy exploring of your answers!