Why to book a trip to Copenhagen in 2019


I am not gonna lie to you, Copenhagen has always been super cool, but I truly encourage you to visit Denmark’s capital this year because there is so much to offer. Either you are interested in design, fashion, culture or cuisine, Copenhagen offers many great ways to experience the city and satisfies most needs. Ah, you are still resisting? Okay, let me prove my point :)

Harbour Baths
It is almost hard to believe but swimming in Copenhagen's harbours wasn't always possible. Now, on the other hand, it became one of the most essential routines to a lot of Copenhagener's and if not dipping their toes in the winter or taking a jump during the summer, it can take them out of their balance, indeed. One of the most popular spots for this activity is undoubtedly Islands Brygge. Buzzing with music during summer and sizzle of barbecues, this spot has become a landmark in Copenhagen. There is room for picnics, sun-bathing and ball games. Very vibrant place that should be visited while you tripping in the city during summer. The quality of public areas has definitely a big role in defining the urban life in the city, and Copenhagen is for sure ahead.

Copenhagen Harbour Baths are one of the most essentials routines of Copenhageners.
Copenhagen Harbour Baths are one of the most essentials routines of Copenhageners.

Mecca for fashionistas
There is nothing like fashion in Scandinavia. Period. Fashion from this part of the globe has been dominating catwalks and Danish designers have been taking over the fashion world. Danes know the style. And Copenhagen is on the top of the list, obviously. Boutiques in Copenhagen, elegant stores on the countryside and vintage stores together with second hands offer extraordinary shopping experience. Get your valet full.

Copenhagen shopping is a great experience.
Copenhagen shopping is a great experience.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
One of the world's most beautiful art galleries found its place 35 minutes by train north from Copenhagen in town called Humlebæk. Uniquely charmed art museum has a permanent collection paired with rotation of exhibition from modernist masters. Outside area is beautiful with its gardens presenting sculptures and view towards Sweden. After seeing the whole exhibition, you can hang out outside or refresh yourself in the restaurant that offers really nice buffet among others. Did you know that the museum was originally a house owned by a man who had three wives, each of them named Louise? Lol, how cool.

In case you owning the Copenhagen card, it covers the trains and entrance to the museum. Should be on your list to visit when planning the trip to Copenhagen.

One the must visit in Copenhagen- Louisiana Museum.

Canal tour

An excellent way to get to know the city like Copenhagen is to take a canal tour. Starting from Nyhavn, centuries-old harbour and waterfront district, lined with old colourful buildings, bars, cafes and restaurants passing the Opera House, the famous palaces, Black Diamond Library and the Little Mermaid. 

Canal tours in Copenhagen have their charm.

Rent a boat

If you resisting in taking canal tour full of tourists, there is always another option yet still to get you that marine experience. Why not explore Copenhagen’s sights and picturesque canals while driving your own boat (solar-powered!). Well, not completely your own, but at least yours while rented for a while. It is easy, so much fun, and you don’t have to be experienced or have a license. Moreover, you have all the freedom to choose the route you like the most, and don't forget to get a bottle of wine, prepare some snacks and enjoy a picnic on board, while sailing at the city’s harbor. Along the canals you’ll surely meet plenty of boats with locals celebrating their birthday, proposals, having a bachelor party or just having fun because it is a nice weather and that is reason enough to celebrate in Copenhagen. In case you don’t feel comfortable being behind the wheel, just want to sit back and enjoy the route, you can rent a duffy boat with a captain that will do all the work for you.

Renting a boat will make your Copenhagen experience unforgettable.

When it comes to green areas in Danish capital, you don't need to worry to find your spot for a picnic or a stroll. Copenhagen is littered with gorgeous expanses of green to break up its metropolitan area. Botanical Gardens by Nørreport, beautiful lakes in Nørrebro, paradise in Frederiksberg Gardens, gardens of Rosenborg Castle called King's Garden, Assistens Cemetery or even Copenhagen's Zoo. Believe me, there is plenty to fall in love with.

Parks in Copenhagen are worth to wander around.
Parks in Copenhagen are worth to wander around.

The Palaces

The architecture in Copenhagen is outstanding and its castles are a great proof of that. There are three central palaces of Copenhagen I recommend as must sees: Christiansborg for the (free) tower climb, Rosenborg for the beautiful Knights' Hall and gardens, and Amalienborg for experiencing changing of the royal guards. In addition to that, about 40 mins north out of Copenhagen, it is truly worth to visit Frederiksborg Palace that is set on an island in the middle of a lake, standing proud with all its beauty. For sure, Frederiksborg is possibly the prettiest castle I've ever seen.

Rosenborg Castle is one of the most beautiful sightseeing and should not be missed while in Copenhagen.
Rosenborg Castle is one of the most beautiful sightseeing and should not be missed while in Copenhagen.
Rosenborg Castle is one of the most beautiful sightseeing and should not be missed while in Copenhagen.


Danish architecture is world-top-class architecture. The attention to detail is absolutely stunning. Not only historic architecture is to stand out here, Denmark's capital is filled with contemporary architecture of the highest quality. Local architects, such as BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group (among others) are leaving their influence and mark on Copenhagen as well as the rest of the world. Elements like water, space, light and sustainability are key to their success. There is plenty of cutting-edge design and modern architecture to see, indeed. Here are my must sees for you when you come to Copenhagen:

- The Black Diamond - Royal Danish Library / Schmidt Hammer Lassen
- The Tietgen Residence Hall 
- The Royal Danish Opera House / Henning Larsen
- The Silo & Nordhavn area
- Axel Towers
- The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art / Vilhelm Wohlert and Jørgen Bo
- Ørestad Gymnasium / 3XN
- Amager Bakke - Copenhill / BIG

As just mentioned above, Copenhagen is full of beautiful old architecture as well as expanding modern style. However, I also want to encourage you not to miss visiting old areas that has been regenerated. Former industrial areas like Meatpacking District that is nowadays filled with really cool contemporary bars, indie spaces and eateries. It is a great place to hang out and experience the atmosphere. Another brilliant example of this regeneration is also Jægersborggade which fairly to say was one of the city’s least salubrious streets. However, thanks to the effort of locals, this place has been completely transformed and you can now find top restaurant, galleries and vintage stores there.


Biking experience
Here you come to a place where cars have the lowest priority and bicycle paths, bicycle racks, even bicycle traffic lights dominate. Half of the people pedal to work, in other words, pedestrians should really watch out when crossing the bike lane. You would get surprised how serious thing biking is here, but nevertheless, cycling is one of the best ways to explore every hidden corner.

Biking is a way of living in Copenhagen.

Outstanding design

Denmark takes design seriously. That already tells you a lot. Danish design is known all over the world and its brilliance outstands in areas like fashion, jewellery, architecture as well as furniture. The simplicity connected to functionality and elegance is breathtaking and inspiration comes mostly from nature while sustainability is always present. Danes truly are the experts in this field and they excel in almost every piece they create.

Danish designer Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971) with his modernist chairs, such as The Egg, The Ant, The Swan, is for sure one of the best-known. Jacobsen's work is seen all over the world and the combined elegant style with the comfort to sit in, make his pieces unforgettable.

Another must known furniture piece is PH lamp designed by Poul Henningsen (1894-1967). This delicate piece diffuses the light in the room in many Danish households. Henningsen is mainly known for his Tivoli lamp. What makes it special is that its light cannot be seen from above. The reason why it was made like that is that Tivoli could stay open during World War II blackouts.

The Danish silversmith Georg Jensen (1866-1925) is another big figure having impact on Danish design. His bowls, candlesticks, cutlery, and jewellery are sold in boutiques worldwide because the smooth organic lines are irresistible to many.

Did you know that Sydney Opera (1973) in Australia is the best known Danish-designed building? Well, now you know and the name behind it is Jorn Utzon (1918-2008). 

Copenhagen has one, but already two design museums worth your attention. The famous Design Museum Danmark from 1890 and new design museum called BLOX opened in Copenhagen harbour in 2018.

Copenhagen hosts popular fashion week twice a year and because of its simple shapes, elegance and respect for sustainability it makes a name for itself in the last two decades. If your passion is fashion you should look into work of Munthe, Baum und Pferdgarden, Day Birger et Mikkelsen, Ivan Grundahl or Malene Birger.



Copenhagen has been without any doubt at the forefront of New Nordic Cuisine for years and the fact that Denmark is having 27 Michelin-starred restaurants and Copenhagen being home of Noma - four-time World's Best restaurant, is not a coincidence.

Copenhagen has plenty to offer from its dreamy pastries, smørrebrød, street food to fine dining on the rooftop.
You will for sure experience food love affair while being here, and I really recommend you to make enough time for dining and eating in general. World-class cuisine in a bite-size country is a place to be when it comes to food.

If nothing then gastronomy is the reason to visit Copenhagen.