Must visit Copenhagen


So you are soon on your way to Copenhagen, just about to prepare your must-see list for this Scandinavian hot spot, right? Great that you are reading through, here are the absolute must-visit places while exploring wonderful Copenhagen.


The Little Mermaid

Today's bronze Little Mermaid statue inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale about a mermaid who gives up everything to be united with her beloved, young, handsome prince on land is without doubt the most celebrated and one of the most famous Denmark's tourist attractions of all. This precious lady has been locked between water and the land since 1913 and although she has been beheaded twice and her arms sawed off, the Little Mermaid still represents beauty, romance and fairy-tale-charm of Danish capital. It would not be a complete trip to Copenhagen if not taken picture with this forever-celebrated Danish jewel. Every morning and evening she swims to the surface from the bottom of the sea, so make sure not to miss her. Little gossip at the end -  on 23. August 2013 she turned 100 years old.

Little Mermaid is a must visit in Copenhagen.


This historic amusement park is one of Copenhagen's most famous attractions. Within amusement park you can ride newly renovated, century-old roller coaster, enjoy open-air performances, twinkling pavilions or carnival games. Take a walk along the gardens that are absolutely beautiful after dusk when the fairy lights are switched on bringing irresistible romantic atmosphere. Tivoli got not long ago its Food Hall where you can take a break for lunch and try traditional Smørrebrød among others. Tivoli used to be closed in colder months but now it's open in winter season, too, where you can experience the most beautiful Halloween decorations in November and Christmas decorations later on throughout December.
This fairy tale escape in the centre of Copenhagen in definitely a must. 

To find out more about opening hours and prices, click here.

Ready for some amusement? Tivoli will take care of you while in Copenhagen.

Freetown Christiania

Self-governing, ecology-oriented and generally tolerant. That expresses Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen. Founded in 1971 by a group of young activists, Freetown Christiania is a microcosm in Copenhagen's Christianshavn neighbourhood. This place in known internationally as Copenhagen's Green Light District because of its fairly liberal attitude towards cannabis that is sold on Pusher Street. Inside you'll stumble upon a semi-bucolic wonderland of truly special DIY homes, cosy garden plots, eateries, beer gardens and music venues. With over 900 permanent residents, Christiania is a collective community with rules and regulations independent of the Danish government. Freetown offers colourful architectural experiments, original art galleries, ethical restaurants and picturesque waterfront scenes. It is truly like walking into another world.

Christiania is truly a unique place in Copenhagen, should not be missed while you are visiting.
Beautiful Christiania in Copenhagen.
Christiania is truly a unique place in Copenhagen, should not be missed while you are visiting.

One of the Bakeries

When you are in Copenhagen you simply cannot miss a good visit in one of the town's bakeries. That scent of freshly baked pastries, bread and cakes is something that makes you fall in love with Denmark immediately and forever. It is no secret that Denmark truly is world-famous for its pastries, and in Copenhagen the quality of both the baking process and the ingredients has been turned up a notch. I beg you, do yourself a favour and try it. Traditional Cinnamon Snail, Vienna bread, Hindbærsnit, buttery Croissants, Rugbrødkage or dense, flavourful rye bread, try it all (not at once). I guarantee you, you will find here one of the best and most authentic pastry and bread in the world. 
Visit my guide for bakeries in Copenhagen to help you choose :)

Pastry is an absolute MUST to try while visiting Copenhagen.

Klampenborg - Dyrehaven

Why not take a short trip north from Copenhagen to get a break from the busy city life and traffic noise? Then I have a tip for you - what about wonderful woodland called Dyrehaven in North Sealand to breathe some fresh Nordic air while enjoying peaceful walks and beautiful surroundings. Dyrehaven, which literally means "The Deer Park", is a natural resort filled with lush forests, lakes and wide, open landscapes that make you speechless. As the name reveals itself, Dyrehaven is renowned for over 2000 free range deer that live in the park, and you'll surely come across a herd of grazing deer on your way through. The park is visited all year long, offering you to bike, jog, horse ride or just relax while having a picnic. Dyrehaven belongs to UNESCO World Heritage as part of the landscape used to be serving hunting purposes for the Danish royalty. While wandering through the park you will surely find yourself in front of The Hermitage, the King's stunning hunting lodge that is an extraordinary architectural piece.

It is truly not a trouble to get here as Dyrehaven is only a 20-minute train ride from the centre of Copenhagen, heading towards Klampenborg Station.


He used to be a guy who just experimented with hops, malt and yeast in his kitchen in Copehagen. Nowadays he exports his brewed beers in 40 countries and is considered as one of the most innovative brewers in the world. Don't miss the chance to hide in one of the Mikkeller bars while visiting Copenhagen. I recommend the bar in Vesterbro with its truly charming atmosphere or Reffen area where you can nicely pair it with some street food ;) Cheers to Copenhagen!

Beer lovers? Make yourself a favour and visit Copenhagen’s Mikkeller bear production. For sure try one, or two, or more.
Beer lovers? Make yourself a favour and visit Copenhagen’s Mikkeller bear production. For sure try one, or two, or more.