I am here to help you create the best routines for your body and mind, rock the productivity, set the right mindset and even give you some tricks for the kitchen. Your lifestyle coach

hey you!
I am Barbora.


I decided to give up my job, grab my computer, create this online world and pour my heart out to inspire and help others to develop healthy habits, create life-lasting routines and feed you with inspiration to rock the game. Keeping it real from now on. Read more for the rest.


So guys, I haven't properly introduced myself. Here it comes. I am an expat in Scandinavia, originally coming from small town in Slovakia. I moved to Copenhagen after my high school, studied university, gave up university, started to work. After almost three years in Copenhagen I moved to Canada to study there instead but eventually ended up attending education back in Copenhagen. Life seemed promising, got my bachelor in Nutrition & Health that I really enjoyed cause I love this topic and it has been part of my life for so long. But believe it or not, I lacked something that was more so called 'on hands' with food and that brought me to my London adventure where I studied culinary education at world’s most famous Le Cordon Bleu. Game changer, right? Would you say? Well, even I would have said - back then. Almost 100% sure this is it, this is my purpose I got an amazing job after returning back to Copenhagen. Could not have been better. Thought I landed my dream job, yet not knowing how it will all turn out…




…not too long after, having a lot of intense overload at work that restaurant business requires, I got health problems. Seeming as (almost) the end of the world I decided to prioritise my health and cut off any work until fully recovered. And the rest is history. Here I am, still recovering but looking at the whole situation slightly different. Not as a failure but redirection. Redirection towards something I believe I have always been meant to do. That thing I have always been curious and passionate about. To teach, educate and empower others. To help others grow. To make an impact on people by bringing the value. To share what I have been through in order to show you that you are not alone. To inspire you, hopefully. And I will do that full time from now on. Because that is what brings me fulfilment and purpose into my everyday life.


Besides those lines, I am nerd when it comes to plants, gardening, food and books. In my free time I cannot put my camera away from my hands and doing photography is a huge passion of mine. I am a lover of reading cause I am so curious to always know more. I am obsessed with long breakfasts, walks in nature, exploring new places and I am a dog lover (big time!). Wish to travel the world, plant in my own garden and have photography studio with huge library to keep feeding my creativity and curiosity. At the moment I am based in Copenhagen and Malmö, always on the go between those two. Scandinavian living became a huge part of my identity and I feel internally blessed spending my years here. I am student of Danish, and Swedish alike and loyal pupil of the miracle called life.

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I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of great depths and a great fear of shallow living.
— Anais Nin

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